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Our Range of Pallet Forks and Frames

BA Caulkett range of pallet forks and frames are suitable for any brand or model of machine. Standard sizes are usually available to a very short lead time and in some cases are available from stock. Note BAC pallet forks are only available in pairs.

We can also design and manufacture bespoke models to better suit specific applications.  For example, units with longer tines for moving wider components / containers.

Pallet fork carriages provide the benefit of allowing you to drop off or pick up your pallet tines like any other attachment, as opposed to removing them manually. Pallet fork carriages have a safe working load and this information is detailed on the serial plate. From a safe working practice it is important that the lift capacity of the machine and pallet tines is never exceeded.

Side-Shift carriages move the forks horizontally on the fork carriage which enables exact pick-up or drop down of the loads in hard to access, tight spots. This can greatly improve the flexibility and efficiency of the pallet movement when handling and stacking. Side Shift carriages are most commonly installed on forklift trucks, as it facilitates the forklift to transport loads side to side with the minimum of operator effort.

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